A nice trip to the mall and your day is fixed. But shopping from your comfortable couch has some serious benefits instead of conventional shopping. The internet is booming with e-commerce and then shopping went to another level. Gone are the days when you had to rush to the market to buy everything and it became a chore more than a pleasure, now you can shop anything from anywhere, anytime. A few clicks and you own products from anywhere in the world

1. Best deals

The number one reason why shopping online is great has to be those massive discounts we get. The shopping sites are always flooding with sales and additional discounts on minimum purchases. Apart from the heavy discounts, the products that are sold online are sold at lower prices in comparison to conventional markets.

2. Not time or distance bound

There are days when you simply can’t bring yourself to get ready and head outside because your pyjamas are too comfortable and so is your room. And if the temperature outside is soaring high or freezing or it’s raining like cats and dogs, you are less likely to go out. Time and place are never an obstacle when it comes to shopping online. Whether it’s break of dawn or twilight or midnight, you are not bound by time, you can shop 24/7

3. Saves time

With internet progressing at lightning speed and penetrating all the corners of the world, crowded stores and long queues are the stories of yesterday. You are spared from the unnecessary hassle and shopping is made easy for you

4. Variety

Do you sometimes pick something half heartedly because you couldn’t find anything better, let alone exactly what you were looking for? Shopping online gives you the bonus of huge variety of products; you can browse through thousands of products until you find your perfect stuff. You can find exactly what you wanted and you will be spoilt for choices. No matter how big a store is, online shopping will always be a step ahead in terms of variety. It saves you from all the walking you have to do around the mall to find your perfect dress, while you can find it in minutes on an online store, thanks to the multiple filters and great loads of choices.

5. Doorstep delivery

The best part of shopping online is its doorstep delivery feature. It is exciting to rip the packaging apart to find you most awaited product. A few clicks and few days later your doorbell rings and you have your product. The retailers take extra care that the product is delivered to you undamaged and with the guarantee and insurance against spoilage or breakage. Some sites provide you with free delivery and without any shipping charges. On top of that, there is also an option for one day delivery for those who need their stuff to be delivered soon

6. No compulsive shopping

So, do you ever go shopping to buy product A and come home with product B? While browsing through the store you lose track of what you were actually looking for and instead your eyes fall on something and you buy it because it was on sale, or you wanted it since so long or someone suggested it to you. It happens with all of us; we get carried away and end up buying things we sometimes don’t even need. That way we lose a lot of our hard earned money. But when you shop online, you are focused on what you want and you never go astray.

7. No extra expenses

Shopping online saves you from the extra expenses and you save more. You don’t feel guilty of spilling all your savings in one go and you don’t end up with unwanted things at home. You can also save a lot of your time, leaving you to attend to other work.

8. Easy

Online shopping provides you with many payment options like credit cards, debit cards and cash on delivery. online payment has been made secure as your details are not shared with the retailer.

9. No disturbance

When you go shopping, you have to deal with a lot of intervention. The salesmen watch you wandering in the store; though we can hardly blame them as it is their job; but they distract you by presenting different things and you get confused about what to buy. And since conventional shopping is tiresome, and takes a lot of your time you get frustrated and make decisions in a hurry. Your shopping is not intervened if it’s online and you can shop peacefully

10. Easy comparison

There are few things that you have to buy with extra care like electronics and gadgets. Online shopping allows you to compare two different products in few clicks. You can easily compare the price, features and check what other sites have to offer. While in a physical market, you have to go from place to place to know about the prices and offers, which causes the wastage of time and money and is really tiresome. Shopping online makes comparison easier and you are sure to bag the best deals