Marketplace Lombok is the latest online selling site that is here to help the people of Lombok in finding the needs and home appliances, fashion, jewelry, electronics, artwork, hobbies and sports as well as other needs. Marketplace Lombok has the most complete shopping features, so that every process that is done by customers ranging from product checks, orders, payments and delivery will be very easy and safe to do. Goods sold in Marketplace Lombok are quality products, international and domestic brands. A series of products within the variant model that are constantly updated at all times for warranty are assured of the selling price with the best price of our products.

Marketplace Lombok is the right solution for frugal shopping with fast delivery process.

As we explain above, we provide ten categories that each of its sub-categories offer products that can reach hundreds or even thousands. To facilitate customers in finding the desired goods we divide the product into several categories as follows:

1. Fashion

In this category, customers will find all kinds of fashion ranging from babies to adults such as baby clothes, children's clothing, men's suits and women's clothing. We also continue to innovate with the latest trend from Indonesia and internationally.

2. Jewelry

This one category is the target of women, will not a few people who do not have jewelry or do not know where to buy cheap and quality jewelry. However, with this Marketplace Lombok, everyone can have silver jewelry, gold jewelry, gem jewelry, or pearl jewelry at a price much cheaper than the price of jewelry stores in Indonesia especially in Lombok.

3. Electronics

Electronic goods such as mobile phones, computers, laptops and other electronic accessories are currently being sold in Marketplace Lombok, for customers who want to have electronic goods in an easy and practical way, of course the market is the solution. The goods you buy will be delivered directly to your address later that day.

4. Automotive

Automotive is one of the basic needs of society. However, there are several advantages in finding automotive products or automotive spare parts. This is common because the spare parts store in Lombok does not sell the product you are looking for. For that we are here to answer all your problems, because Marketplace Lombok is the largest and most complete online site in Lombok.

5. Sports

The needs of all types of sports from costumes and sports equipment can now be purchased at Marketplace Lombok with low prices and fast delivery process.

6. Gift

Art gifts category made from Indonesian handicraft machine especially Lombok society such as pottery, sculpture, painting and tools or tools to make the art itself.

7. Health & Beauty

To make your life healthy and fit every thing, of course you have to take care of yourself by exercising and consuming nutritious food. Not only that, health and beauty doctors are also to consume supplements, herbs and vitamins in addition to being accompanied by the use of products that are good for your skin and body. The best products for beauty and health are sold in Marketplace Lombok with quality and have BPOM from Indonesia health service.

8. Home & Decorations

Prestige and home decor are sold in Marketplace Lombok such as, toiletries, furniture, household supplies, room decoration and page decoration. All the products that you can have with a very cheap price and guaranteed quality.

9. Property

Lombok market will assist you in finding the best property or housing available in Lombok with the price vary according to the desired type and payment system can be done in cash or credit. We also serve rental for house, hotel and villa for you who want to open a business in that field or just want a short period of time.

10. Life Style

In this category you will be presented in various choices in finding hotels, restaurants, taxis and everything that makes your life easier to fill your holiday.