To ensure the safety of goods and customer satisfaction, Lombok Marketplace tests the feasibility of packing of the materials used and the ways and conditions to be used. Because, every item has a special handler to keep it safe.

Packing process conducted by Marketplace Lombok are as follows:

1. Before packing the item, we determine what expedition company we will use, how long the estimated shipment is. Thus consumers will be very easy to see the status of goods and consumers do not have to worry anymore because we use the expedition that has been guaranteed security.

2. Goods you have ordered we will analyze the type. Whether the goods include crockery, liquid, and so forth.

3. The goods are then we coated with a burble wrap that serves as a silencer and shock from the outside.

4. Not only burble wrap, we also use Styrofoam or polystyrene to maintain the integrity of goods.

5. After the goods are coated with the above items, we then wrap with corrugated sheet or corrugated paperboard whose purpose is to withstand shocks and pressure from the outside.

6. For perishable items, we also add a kind of wooden case to protect the goods during the delivery up to the customer's hand.

Happy shopping at Marketplace Lombok and enjoy the benefits and safety.