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Q.What is Marketplaces Lombok

Marketplaces Lombok

Launched in 2017, Marketplaces Lombok is the leading platform for global wholesale trade. We serve millions of buyers and suppliers around the world. Marketplaces Lombok is one of the biggest online platforms in e-commerce business.

Our Missions
As the one of the best platform, our purpose is to be the favorite destinations in the world as shopping center of all items that people need and to be the platform where’s always gives a sense of secure and convenient way to shopping all products that is in Marketplaces Lombok.

When you are buying something although plain, luxurious, common, rare and trendy if it still exists and have well of specifications, it’s probably for sale on Marketplaces Lombok.
We give sellers the platform, solutions, and support they need to grow their businesses and thrive. We measure our success by our customers' success.

“Marketplaces Lombok” as the one newcomers of online store, Marketplaces Lombok provides a variety of attractive offers ranging from the supply of goods, the offer of cooperation as the seller and may put themselves forward as manager of the city where you live and we measure our success by the success of our customers
“Marketplaces Lombok” not just give easy in Shopping for everyone but makes it easy for anyone who wants to join become vendor / seller and the buyer in making your personal account.

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How to payout?

can I become a reseller of this store?

Whether the price on display already includes postage?

How much the cost of shipping?

How do I know my order been sent or not?

How to order products on this online store?

Is there a special discount in this online store?

How can I order delivery of goods?

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