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Q.How to Order?

How to Order Products:

1. Select the item you want and ten click the picture to see product details

2. If you want to buy it just click "Add to Cart"

3. Then click "Shopping Cart", will appear the number of your order

4. Next Payment method click "Continue to Payment"

5. After that you will be faced with login page to Lombok Marketplace account, if you do not have Marketplace account Lombok-you can make it by entering Email Address and Create a new password for your login or if already have direct account into the Marketplace-Lombok you to Checkout

6. After you login, you must fill in some data such as Your Name, Email Address, active phone number, Address such as Country, Province, City, Village, RT, RW, House number, Postal code etc. to determine will be subject to Free Shipping or No. When finished then Check (√) "I accept Terms and Conditions"

7. Next you will to the payment method, there are 4 ways to pay your order such as Credit Card, Pay pal and Bank transfer. Please choose the payment method you can do.

8. After that you will be transferred to the payment details, see the transferred you have to pay, then you pay off the amount not less or more. Fill Column Payment Details

9. If all have finished click "Pay Now"

How to confirm payment Marketplace-Lombok is complete, now you just wait for the goods you ordered to your home. The length of delivery of goods depends on the destination city.

Q.What kinds of Payment Method?

To provide an online shopping experience to you, we offer several payment methods:

√ Paypal

√ Credit Card

√ Bank Transfer

Q.How to Open Store?

How to Apply as a Seller or Open a Store in Marketplace-Lombok as follows:

1. Open your Browser and go to

2. Then will appear fill column for registration as seller or vendor

3. Features the complete Personal Data in the open store filling columns

4. Later Check (√) "I accept terms and conditions apply"

5. Selanjutnya you will get Activation Email to Login as Seller or Vendor


Congratulations Your store at is so, you can Login here

Q.How do I know my order is in delivering process?

How to know order status:

Buyers get notifications via email, SMS or also can check in buyer's account.

Login on the menu "User Login"

Then will appear some options menu, click menu "My Orders"

Then click "View Details" on the ACTION column

It will show Order Status such as Pending, Processing, Shipped or Delivered

Q.How to Use Voucher Code Promotion?

How to Use Promo Voucher Code

1. Add the product to the shopping cart and enter the promo code.

2. If the promo code you entered is correct & still valid, then your total purchases will be automatically cut off.

Q.Can be Returned my Order to Seller?

Orders can be canceled when the goods have not been paid and the goods have not been sent because the goods that have entered the process of sending cannot be canceled again.

Q.What is refund?

What is Refund?

Refunds can be processed IF:

• If the Vendor does not process the order or the vendor does not meet the order fulfillment requirement that has been set

• If User wishes to cancel Orders (Applicable if Vendor has not processed orders)

• If the Items in the message are unsuitable or damaged, (not intended the intended product images and product descriptions do not match the image and description of the products on the platform)

Q.How to add My Bank Account Details on My Store?

Add My Bank Account Details on My Store

1. Open Webshop, then select the menu 'manage shop'

2. After that Login with your store email and password

3. Go to 'My Profile' menu

4. After that,  you can change or add bank account and then SAVE

Q.How to add my products list on My store?

Please check tutorials of upload products below:

Q.Can I Become Dropshipper?

Become a Dropshipper

This is the step become a dropshiper

Take the Product in the Platform Marketplace-Lombok --> Offer --> Consumer Transfer to account --> Order product to Marketplace-Lombok --> Marketplace-Lombok Send product directly to Destination address (Without put the sender Marketplace Lombok)

Q.How much cost for shipping?

Cost for shipping

Shipping service will be adapted to the services we offer on the product page. Delivery will be made after payment is received by Marketplace-Lombok. Shipping Charges will be calculated based on product weight and Distance of Location according to the criteria set by the courier service we work with.

Q.When do I receive a payment from a product sold out?

Payments are made after the customer receives the product or after the courier service changes the status to be DELIVERED.

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