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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy referred to Marketplace Lombok is a reference that manage and protects data of use and important information of Marketplace Lombok Users. Data and information that has been collected at the time of registering, accessing and using the services in Marketplace Lombok, such as Address, Contact Number, e-Mail address, Photo, Picture, and others.

These policy includes:

• Marketplace Lombok is subject to the User's personal data protection policy as governed by Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information Technology No. 20 of 2016 about Protection of Personal Data in Electronic Systems that manage and protects the use of data and important information of the Users.

• Marketplace Lombok  protects any information provided by Users at the time of registration, access and use of all Marketplace Lombok services.

• Marketplace Lombok protects all personal rights that appear on information about a product displayed by Marketplace Lombok users, whether in the form of Photos, Username, Logo, and more.

• Marketplace Lombok reserves the right to use the data and information of the Users in order to improve the quality and service of  Marketplace Lombok.

• Marketplace Lombok  is not responsible for the exchange of data conducted by self between Users.

• Marketplace Lombok can only notify data and information owned by Users when required and / or requested by authorized institutions under applicable law, official orders from the Court, and / or official orders from the relevant agencies or apparatus.

• Users of Marketplace Lombok sites may unsubscribe various latest promo information and exclusive offers if they do not wish to receive such information.

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